Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Section is established to assure compliance with various Town ordinances and codes.  The Enforcement section is responsible for site inspections and notifying property owners of any violations.

Typical violations include deteriorated structures, solid waste materials, trash and debris, junked or abandoned vehicles, and overgrown lawns or property.

The Code Enforcement Staff will conduct an inspection of properties and notify residents or property owners of any violations.  A reasonable time period is given to rectify the violation.  If the violation is not addressed within the time period allotted, a civil penalty can be assessed.  The citizens of Selma have historically cooperated in addressing violations in a timely manner.

How can I report an unsightly or possible unsafe condition?

Please call Town Hall at (919) 965-9841, Ext 1007.

Closed Code Enforcement Cases (Public Nuisances Related)

Open Code Enforcement Cases (Public Nuisance Related)

Blighted Property / Unsafe Buildings and Structures Report (Closed)

Blighted Property / Unsafe Buildings and Structures Report (Open)
Code Enforcement - Before and After



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