Economic Development

Image result for economic development clipartThe goal of Economic Development in Selma  is to attract new business and industry while retaining existing businesses by creating a climate that encourages development, growth and expansion.

The result will be to improve the quality of life for the citizens who live here, providing them with opportunities to obtain good-paying employment and improve their skill levels.

The Town of Selma Economic Development Section acts as a facilitator between government and the private sector to encourage and promote development opportunities within the Town. The Economic Development Office is prepared to assist you in a qualified, professional and confidential manner. Resources available to your company include site selection assistance and incentive packaging.

Uptown Selma Proposed Streetscape Plan
Plan for Activating Community Assets for Uptown Revitatization
East Anderson Street Park Plan
Strategic Economic Development Plan
Business and Development Plan for Downtown Selma
Downtown Selma Historic District Plan


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