Fire Prevention


Did you know that your chance of surviving a fire doubles by having a working smoke detector in your home?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many do I need?
    • One detector on each level of your home and in a close vicinity to each sleeping area.
  • How do I ensure my detector is working?
    • Test your detector with the test button at least once per month and change your battery at daylight savings time.
  • What kind do I need?
    • Many types of detectors are available. All types save lives. The most important thing about a detector is that it works and is located appropriately.
  • Do I need a carbon monoxide detector in my home?
    • Most homes will need a CO alarm. If your home has any type of the following you need a CO detector: gas appliances, fuel fired space heaters, fireplace, or attached garage.
  • Where do I get a detector?
    • Most variety retail stores have detectors available for purchase at a very minimal cost. If you cannot afford a detector, they are available through the Selma Fire Department. We will even help you install it. Contact the Station at 919-965-2697.

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