Library Board

The Library Board shall serve as an advisory board for the Library and the Town of Selma. The Board shall serve as a liaison between the Library, Town Manager, Town Council, and citizens of the community. The Board shall consult with and advise the Library, Town Manager, and Town Council in matters affecting library policies, programs, and related issues. Board members shall not be exempt from adhering to the rules and regulations of the library and should not expect special privileges.

Library Sign

Member Appointed Term Expires
Rudd Ridinger (ETJ) 03/12/13 11/1/18
Calvin Morrison 04/08/14 11/01/17
Ruthie Strickland 11/10/15 11/01/18
Sherry Simms 05/09/17 11/01/19
Jackie Lacy - Ex-Officio (Appointed as a Non-Voting Representative 10/12/10)
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