Unified Development Ordinance

In an effort to identify long-range goals for our community, the Selma Town Council developed a Strategic Plan.  One of the goals identified in the plan pertained to updating the Town Code and improving code enforcement; and the need to create a safe, viable and inviting Town for new and existing residents.

Strategies/actions addressing these goals were discussed during Council planning sessions such as:   (1) the need to review and revise land use guidelines to be clear, consistent, user-friendly, more enforceable, and in compliance with North Carolina General Statutes; (2) streamlining development review and permitting, with decision points and links with other departments clearly identified; and (3) improving the appearance of the Town’s gateway corridors through code enforcement/community projects.

Starting in September of 2014 with a diagnostic review of the Town’s development provisions by the NC Department of Commerce, Division of Community Assistance, the Council, Planning Board, and staff have worked towards achieving this goal.  Community visioning sessions/workshops have also been held.

The result of this effort was the adoption of an Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) by the Town Council on February 14, 2017, with an effective date of March 31, 2017.


Ordinance Provisions:

1. Table of Contents
2. Article I
3. Article II
4. Article III
5. Article IV
6. Article V
7. Article VI
8. Article X
9. Article XI
10. Article XII
11. Article XIII
12. Article XIV
13. Article XV
14. Article XVI
15. Article XVII
16. Appendix A
17. Appendix B
18. Appendix C
19. Appendix D
20. Appendix E

*Articles VII - IX are RESERVED

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