Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee meets monthly for the purpose of making recommendations on the establishment of rules and regulations concerning the conduct, management and operations of the Town's recreation areas and facilities consider grants, donations, and properties offered for recreational purposes, and promotes a system of recreation for the community. 

Applications to serve on the committee are available at Selma Town Hall or by clicking here for a printable version.  For more information on serving, please call 975-1411.  In order to serve on the board, you must reside within the Selma town limits.

Park Playground

Member  Appointed   Term Expires
Molly Stone-Sapir 11-08-16 11-01-19
Travis Holder 12-09-12 11-01-18
Deatha Kirkland   11-12-13 11-01-16
James Lassiter 3-11-08 11-1-17
Cortney Moore 12-08-09 11-01-18
John Marion Radford, Jr. 11-01-14 11-01-17
Marjory T.H.W. Regan 11-01-14 11-01-17
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