Refunding Deposit and Transfer Fees

Upon account closing or after 24 months of good pay (no late penalties or disconnects), the deposit will be applied toward the customer’s utility account. Remaining funds will be used against any amounts owed on any accounts the customer may have with the Town. A refund check for any remaining balance will be mailed to the customer’s forwarding address, if provided when disconnection is requested. The Town of Selma bills for utility consumption used prior to the actual billing date, so most customers disconnecting services will have at least one more bill for a full month’s services and a final bill for a partial month’s service.


Any customer without the minimum deposit on file, whose service has been transferred or has been involuntarily terminated (i.e. - nonpayment, returned check, meter tampering, or any other such reason) shall be required to pay the full deposit or update the existing deposit to the minimum requirement as specified above prior to reconnecting services. Deposits will not be refunded after termination of services until all final bills are paid.


Utility customers wishing to transfer their service from one Town of Selma location to another must complete and sign a work order, provide a copy of the new lease, an updated form of identification, update the application information, and pay the connection fee. The customer will also be required to update the deposit at this time unless the customer has had 24 months of good pay history with the Town. When transfer paperwork is being completed, a “connect” date at the new address and “disconnect” date at the previous address must be given. Services at two addresses may not “overlap” for more than 14 days. The customer is still responsible for any outstanding balances at the previous address. Failure to pay these bills will result in involuntary disconnection at the new address.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Customer Service at (919) 965-9841 ext. 1102
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