Selma Tourism Committee

The Selma Tourism Committee in partnership with the Johnston County Visitor's Bureau is responsible for development of marketing strategies for Selma.

Selma Train Station

Member Appointed   Term Expires  
Donna Bailey-Taylor     Permanent      Permanent
Vacant   Permanent      Permanent
Dina Flowers    11-10-15   11-01-18
Albert Kensak   10-09-12   11-01-18
Donna Reid   11-10-15   11-01-18
Marcia Woodall   04-12-11   11-01-22
Kevin Dougherty   04-12-11   11-01-18
Jeffery Hamilton   11-08-16   11-01-19  
Melissa Dooley   06-12-18 11-01-21
Mayor Cheryl Oliver   12/01/12   Ex-Officio
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