Public Works


The Public Works Department consist of four divisions: Trash & Recycling Collection and Disposal, Streets & Stormwater, Public Facilities & Grounds, and Cemetery.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department also performs services such as:


There are two Burial Facilities located in the Town of Selma,

  • Selma Memorial Gardens
  • Greenwood Cemetery

Both Cemeteries are managed by the Cemetery Specialists, who are responsible for Cemetery maintenance and burials. Cemetery Specialists provide year-round maintenance of Selma Memorial Gardens and Greenwood Cemetery. Cemetery Specialists are responsible for the coordination of interment services with Funeral Directors and are tasked with grave openings and closings.


Contact Public Works

Public Works Supervisor

Craig Tyner


114 N. Raiford Street
Selma, NC 27576

Phone: (919) 965-9841
Fax: 919-965-4637

Trash & Recycling Collection

The Town of Selma ensures its citizens will receive a prompt and high-quality service provided by the Public Works Department regarding sanitation collections.  Direct servicing from Town of Selma employees promises faster cart deliveries, quicker response times and a better ease of customer service by directly contacting Town Hall.

Selma residents have been assigned one specific day for all collection types to be removed, based on address.  For questions regarding the collection day for a specific address, please contact Town Hall at (919)965-9841.

The following must be properly placed by the road prior to your scheduled collection day:

  • All Garbage Carts
  • Recycling Carts
  • Yard Waste
  • Bulk Debris

ALL CARTS, PILES AND ITEMS MUST BE SURROUNDED BY AT LEAST TWO FEET OF EMPTY SPACE.  If blocked by vehicles or any other items, the robotic truck arm will not be able to access items.  If carts or piles are placed too close to each other or other items, they will not be removed.  Call back fees may be incurred due to items being blocked or placed too close to other items.



Solid Waste Services

The Town of Selma Public Works Department provides collections services for the following for all Selma residents within serviced areas.

  • Household Garbage Collections
  • Recyclables Collection (Johnston County Recycling Information)
  • Bulk Item Collection
  • Yard Waste Collection
  • Collection of Minor Construction and Demolition Materials performed by the homeowner*

To request bulk item and/or construction and demolition removal, please complete the electronic form HERE

The Town of Selma Sanitation Collections Restrictions:

  • Appliances can be dropped off at the Jones Brothers Convenience Center. We will not pick them up.
  • *Any construction that is done by a contractor or professional must be removed by the contractor.
  • *Major Construction Materials will incur a fine if the Town of Selma has to remove it.

Some important details for customers to remember:

  • Do not place trash carts behind parked vehicles. The robotic truck arm cannot access them if blocked.
  • Recycling is an opt-in service. Opt-in times are annual in June of each year. Only new residents can opt-in at the time initial service begins. Otherwise, you must opt-in during the allotted time each year.
  • Once the schedule has been released, please note that ALL waste items (garbage cart, yard debris and recycling) must be placed out by the curb prior to that day.
  • The truck is equipped with a timestamped camera to allow for review regarding any issues and missed pickup notifications.

For inquiries and concerns, please email or call Town Hall at (919)-965-9841.

Helpful Links

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Streets & Stormwater

Stormwater Drainage System Services

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining:

  • Storm Drains
  • Open Ditches located within the Town’s rights-of-way
  • Cleaning Catch Basins and Pipes on Town Streets
  • Repair Catch Basins and Pipes on Town Streets
  • Replacement of Catch Basins and Pipes on Town Streets

Streets and Sidewalks Services

The Public Works Department provides the following services:

  • Street Maintenance Program
  • Sidewalk Maintenance Program
  • Street Cleaning Program
  • Pavement Repairs
  • Street Shoulder Repairs
  • Curb and Gutter Repairs

General Services

The Public Works Department provides operating and maintenance services for:

  • All Town’s Vehicles and Equipment
  • Landscaping of the Town’s Properties and Rights-of-Way
  • Mowing of the Town’s properties and Rights-of-Way

Streets & Stormwater

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Public Facilities & Grounds

1350 S. Pollock Street
Selma, NC 27576

To purchase a cemetery lot, please contact Utilities/Customer Service Supervisor Lee Wester at (919) 965-9841 ext. 1011.

The mission of the Facilities and Grounds Division is to provide the citizens of Selma with well-maintained public buildings and grounds. All of the Town’s Buildings and Grounds are maintained by this division including both cemeteries. The Public Grounds and Facilities Division of Public Services is responsible for Cemetery maintenance and burials. They provide year-round maintenance of Selma Memorial Gardens and Greenwood Cemetery.

The Town of Selma is committed to providing compassionate bereavement services to families who are suffering through the loss of loved ones. We strive to make the process of lot purchases and interment plans simple and stress-free. We demonstrate our compassion and dedication to those whom we serve by reassuring families that the final resting place for their loved one is well maintained and cared for.

The Town of Selma owns and operates two cemeteries within the city limits.

  • Greenwood Cemetery is located on Chestnut and Green Street.
  • Selma Memorial Gardens is located on Hwy 301 and Hwy 70.

Lots are only available in Selma Memorial Gardens, with designated sections for 1-grave-plot sales and cremation niches for burial.

The cemetery is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to sunset, with the exception of the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Cemetery Services Offered Include:

  • Lot Sales
  • Grave Openings
  • Grave Closings
  • Maintenance of Cemeteries
  • Locating Graves

*Note: No grave openings will occur on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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